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YTEC - Providing a responsible alternative to incarceration

Nationally recognized and unique among youth drug courts nationwide, YTEC (Youth Treatment and Education Center) combines treatment with education and court supervision, supporting juvenile offenders ages 14-24 who have a demonstrated history of substance use or behavioral health issues. YTEC addresses youths’ academic, emotional, and behavioral needs in the least restrictive environment as an alternative to incarceration

YTEC was founded on the principle that youth involved with the juvenile justice system, when provided the proper support and intervention, can succeed in life and become tomorrow’s community leaders.

Through its model programs that integrate education with treatment and leadership development, YTEC creates an avenue for young people with a history of substance abuse or behavioral problems to obtain a high school diploma and become positive members and leaders of their communities, engage in lifelong learning, and acquire the tools and skills needed for higher education and meaningful employment.

Providing a safe and supportive peer and mentor community, YTEC nurtures young peoples’ belief in their own abilities by offering a service-rich environment that is engaging and responsive to the needs of each individual and his or her family. The program’s evolution has been informed by the understanding that in order to counter the tremendous social pressures that work against its participants and to build their long-term health and well-being, deep and holistic investments are needed. YTEC began as a Juvenile Drug Court, but has evolved over time to include the following programs: Principals’ Center Collaborative High School.