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YTEC began as a Juvenile Drug Court, but has evolved over time to include the following programs: Principals’ Center Collaborative High School, Leadership Fellows, and the Bridge Program.

The Principals' Center Collaborative (PCC) is a county high school serving youth on probation. PCC is the result of unprecedented collaboration between the San Francisco Unified School District, Department of Public Health, Juvenile Probation, Superior Court, and YTEC. It is the high school of choice for students on probation with demonstrated academic, behavioral and mental health issues.

PCC is based on YTEC's innovative, nationally-recognized model of integrating comprehensive substance abuse and mental health interventions with instructional supports and high quality education.

At the PCC, teaching and treatment staff actively work together to keep students engaged in school. The integrated model requires that teachers develop new skills and competencies, learn to work in partnership with behavioral health providers, and master instruction and intervention strategies that promote student self awareness, health, social and academic skill development, and school engagement. YTEC oversees all the behavioral health aspects of the program, provides in school and after school educational enhancements – such as the after school YTEC Leadership Program, and conducts staff training and clinical supervision.

In 2010, PCC began transitioning to become a Big Picture school, adopting the Big Picture Learning educational model. In 2011, PCC will be moving to a new campus provided by the San Francisco Unified School District in the San Francisco Sunset District.

For more information on PCC, contact YTEC.

The Leadership Program was launched in 2002 in response to the need—expressed by YTEC participants themselves—for ongoing, structured support to maintain their gains and prevent recidivism and relapse.

Most leaders in the program are not only first-generation college-going youth, but they are, in many cases, the first in their extended families to complete high school. The program provides them with the ongoing adult and peer support needed to counter negative social and environmental conditions. At the same time, it supports them in their pursuit of higher education, work, skills and experience. Furthermore, the program develops initiative, critical thinking and social consciousness through activism and service.

Through practical skill-building, financial incentive, and deep, broad emotional & social support, the program emphasizes competencies known to promote success including: the ability to develop positive relationships with adults and peers, the ability to take on leadership roles, contributing to the well-being of the community, and developing academic, vocational, work readiness and independent living skills.

Students who complete high school while receiving YTEC services or who participate in the YTEC Leadership Fellows Program and who continue on to post-secondary education can submit an application for scholarships through Youth Treatment and Education Center Bridge Program. These students are encouraged to stay in school and are tracked by YTEC staff to support their ongoing success. Scholarships are supported by the College Access Foundation of San Francisco and YTEC fundraising events.